Institutional Strength :

Institutional strength the outlook teaching and our behaviour discipline Research and learning methodology outdoor indoor sports and games seminar workshop well qualified and Research oriented teachers this above are the comes under the institutional strength do the students are always the strength in number but any situation apart from this above mentioned points are are the the first ranking requirement to maintain the institutional strength and position these above mentioned points are not just for mentioning but it is for adopt in the practice it all depends how the head of the institution behave and workout out and above all sanitation is also a institutional strength the inner and Outer atmosphere is must be in peace and Quest of excellence is a very important part of the institution development we must be clear in our future development programme simultaneously our motto reason vision mission teaching and learning community engagement and our Human Resource Planning and development are main organs of the the institutional strength above all promoting of new technique in the educational set app to maintain the perfection of Institution that will create n u s strength to the institution1. To enhance teaching and learning process, the college has library with computer and internet facilities

2. The principal personally interacts with the students of each department to get their problems solved and also seek advice from students regarding betterment of teaching and learning quality.

3. 14 acres of land under the ownership of the college with separate ground.

4. Facilities for sports, fieldwork community extension programme and cultural activities.

5. Facility for scholarship to SC/ST/OBC

6. Well qualified teachers.

7. NSS, IQAC, Counselling & Placement Cell, Anti-ragging Cell, Anti-harassment Cell of Women at working place.

Institutional Weakness :

Weaknesses whenever success comes a weakness always lies within that because this weakness is caused to lead the ladder of success and that’s why any institution comes out with flying colours paucity of funds always remain with us because our institution is a rural based we never go for or rather receive any support time to time from government side they only e put requirements and always say do this do that and after that once the affiliation granted they became Nan performa we always look forward to the government for any support but they are always in a pending mood we have near about 20 years not yet received sanction post from the government side do we have submitted all necessary papers bust but still it is lying in the file we are not able to to cope up with the financial needs this is the main reason for our weaknesses I am due to less salary E payment my teaching my teaching staff are not able to go for research works because it’s expensive matter but some of them doing their best to come out from the weaknesses and kutte institution in a well position and with joint effort we are trying hard to comeout from weaknessesi Communicative skill of the students in English are poor.

ii) Finance and fund is constraints of the college iii) Lack of Hostel
iv) Lack of Auditorium
v) Lack of Digital Library

vi) Lack of multipurpose Examination Hall.

Institutional Opportunity :

Opportunities next line education education leads to achieve the opportunities that fulfill the chair is Desire of all human being and to be a successful person it is a position from where you climb a pole of success if institution is doing best to their a student the opportunities always knock the door if you are awakened then you will be able to catch the bus and it made a little late you will lost the battle that’s why I would like to say that the person who tries to climb on the horses top he has to be e particular in that otherwise he will lost himself once Dr Radhakrishnan says that though it is a crisis of Faith but you have to be hard you have to be hard nut to catch education makes you to a successful but your zeal leads you near the opportunity so catch the opportunity and be a successful person

1. New Auditorium and Multipurpose hall has been inaugurate with the help of NTPC. 2. To take step for capacity building & skill development of students.
3. To extend the facility for counseling & placement of students.
4. To organize special programs for physically challenged students.

5. To introduce new methodology/technique/tools for teaching learning process.
6. To create infrastructure & facilities for development of skill & technique of students in the field of Sports, Art & Culture.

Institutional Challenge :

Challenges life is a full of challenge but it education makes you to deal with all these challenges education provide by the good institution with well words teachers who provide you to a good academic atmosphere to deal with all coming challenges that how to be a successful person challenges makes a person so strong that to hit a the arrow to the point and and climbed on on the top the well develop institution teaches their students bat if you were attached with the books Research and methodology will win the all challenges which will come to your life so never look back I am run forward lead yourself and win the race hair challenges ends but there is a life there is always a challenge so remains cool calm and succeed the challenges

1. Meagre facility available for Research Activity at the college level. 2. Financial Constrains
3. To attract fund from RUSA