1. Stand for national service scheme that generates a social impact complaint by volunteers through the adoption of area or village which is which  creates a goal mark in to sense the the nation of socio economic basis it is a community awareness programme for factor with the affecting the progress program prosperity developing proximity of the college students to create the bonding between The villages and their strength them through special residential campus there is a need of consistency in in elaborate and conducting the overall socio economic activities for getting the desired goal general and generally government has launched an implementation ruler welfare in upliftment program and awareness scheme and it is to be for they all to all include upliftment by the people we know that the lack of information ignorant and outreach for the awareness programme and have made to The Legacy and traditional modes of the framing negligence and towards their banking system its extract their these are the main issue that has to be taken in practice to develop the all-round making personality of the persons this is a lie here I also want to mention that there is a great lack of in the matter of the health system our NSS also organised a special can likewise the youth against that and disease you against in literacy and youth against social evils other me majors are looking very important that the generate the new thinking and new jhil among the people only ladies girls boys and old man woman of the area special camps always change the attitude towards the their social thinking of village attitude NSS volunteers NSS present a very new a very new way of life that start your days with yoga and Pranayam that day observed daily during a special camp decamp participants are very much motivated and sensitize to take the practices in the other social activity conducting by the NSS group headed the programme officer of the college unit aap when we observe the entire activity of the spatial camps and the participants that gives a organisational attitude of the volunteers and students there were certain difficulties comes because I of the agrarian best society because then we have to enlighten the local villagers on the issue of their superstitions and their blind support to the practices that many lies with women phone women 44 women folk woman folk due to the superstitions we feel very much difficulty to enlighten the local people or villages in the present burning issue in especially in the women 4 that’s why the every village always village as always the government machinery to each and every that the every villages where it is has always the government machinery for each and every program then and there never accept the beginning of the issue

2:- Parent-teacher meet were organized during this session though the percentage of parents attending the meeting was quite poor in the first two meetings but it gained momentum later. The meetings proved to be quite fruitful as the institution got valuable feedback from parents. It was decided during meetings that the parents will be in touch with the institution at occasions. IQAC of the college imparted relevant information about the  importance of attending college regularly. Parents were also informed about different facilities provided by the college including financial aid from the welfare deptt. and fee concession and other privileges given to girl students and SC,ST,OBC’s Collage is situated in the backward area dominated by SC/ST/OBC. Area is educationally backward which has been certified by B.D.O. Area is disturbed due to Naxal activities apart from that collage is
spreading the favor of higher education since their establishment i.e 1985. Teaching and Non-teaching staffs engages in their duties with open heart and with a seldom payment till date. The College takes special care for the personality development of the students.